15 Sep 2019

A new venue and new opposition as we welcomed touring side Gumley CC from Leicestershire to the picturesque venue of Exning Park, nestled within the Lackford Hundred of West Suffolk. Exning is reported to be the historic capital of the ancient Iceni tribe and the home of Queen Boudicca from where she launched her failed uprising against the invasion forces of the Roman Empire in AD60. Could the ch...

24 Jun 2018

We arrived at Babraham in bright sunshine on a hot Sunday afternoon to word from the Fuhrer that  at 10.00 yesterday morning the opposition only had 6 confirmed players. You could see the steam boiling under the Panama at the prospect of a cancellation after so much hard work in getting an XI together ourselves. Eventually 8 turned up with another en route and so Flycatchers decided to bat. A fir...

31 May 2018

In a fit of generosity, the Fuhrer reprieved the said captain’s execution (Phoenix from the ashes of Stapleford) and allowed him to lead the mid-week troops out of the trenches to what was forecast to be a comfortable routine victory. A reasonable assumption given the strong line up assembled with the immortal words “Eight can turn their arm over!!”. Not sure who the other 3 were??

The opposition w...

16 May 2018

What can I say!! - a glorious start to the 2018 season? - Not exactly!!

Following a beautiful warm summer’s day on Tuesday 15th May we all awoke on Wednesday morning in excited anticipation of the sporting evening ahead. Drew back the curtains to grey skies, still it will be warm we thought, open the front door to a chilly wind which only got colder and stronger as the day progressed. Oh well, it’...

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