7 Aug 2019

"And of THAT district I prefer
The lovely hamlet Grantchester.
" - Rupert Brooke, The Old Vicarage, Grantchester (1912)

Don’t you just get tired of match correspondents writing loads of useless prose in the hope of catching the judge’s eye in the Best Written Match Report of the Year Competition?

Rupert Brooke’s association with, and attachment to, Grantchester is well known and he continues:

"For Ca...

7 Jul 2019

Although living the closest to the ground, your correspondent arrived later than the Führer would have decreed and picked up only the last knockings of the pre-match team bonding process. But that only gave the Phillies nine, having lost the toss and been invited to bowl. The remaining members of an otherwise august squad arrived in dribs and drabs; the Vicar of Dean running onto the field barefoo...

19 May 2019

With the Führer’s recent demand (by inference) for longer, better, more articulate and more humorous match reports ringing in his ears, your correspondent suddenly faced a dilemma. Having taken a pre-season pledge not to lampoon Pimblett any more (unless merited) I was suddenly stranded; bereft of good raw material.

In any case, how can one compete with the literary exemplar that is the Vicar of De...

28 Oct 2018

The inaugural Philanderers’ Real Tennis Tournament was staged at Newmarket Real Tennis Club amidst great expectation on Sunday 28 October. Organised and managed on the day by John Burnett, the event met those expectations, and more. Real tennis courts are notoriously cold places to spend a Sunday, or any other day come to that, but the welcome was warm and the kitchen and social area had the dual...

1 Aug 2018

In politics there’s room for jest;
With frequent gibes are speeches met,
And measures which are of the best
Are themes for caustic humor yet.
E’en though the pulpiteer we fret
With sundry quiddities we fling,
We pray you never to forget
That cricket is a serious thing.

This was, to say the least, an unusual match for your correspondent to write up, but the poem above, by Edward George Dyson, an Aus...

4 Jul 2018

The match between these two Cambridge heavyweights was staged at the delightful Queens’ College ground where your correspondent first played in 1968; before Woodstock and the first moon landing. The usual blend of youth and experience, masquerading as a club development policy, was much in evidence in a chirpy dressing room.

So, onto the cricket, which proceeded with St Giles batting first on a bal...

19 Jul 2017

This eagerly awaited re-match with Remnants (a nemesis of late) was staged under sullen skies at Fitzwilliam College ground. The pitch, unusually, showed early signs of significant life and bounce as the Philanderers openers began the task of posting an impregnable score.

Rogers and Leary made a promising start but failed to kick on to greater things, with the latter going to a good catch in the de...

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