18 Aug 2019

As the replacement Match Reporter I have a problem in that I missed the opening hour of the game. That aside I have to say that I am mightily pleased that our inaugural fixture with IZ, founded in 1845, actually took place as they were struggling to raise a side. However, we generously donated two of our superstars, namely Ben Cassels & David Pimblett, to complete their line-up.

IZ lost the toss in...

30 Jul 2019

Our inaugural game with the Tech giants Arm did not get off the ground owing to inclement weather and which was our first such cancellation of the season. However, cricket legend David Pimblett made a secret visit to the ground and upon crawling under the covers disputes the amount of rainwater causing the cancellation which preceded his arrival. Mind you he was using flippers and a snorkel when d...

21 Jul 2019

Most disappointingly this match, one of the highlights of the season, was cancelled as the Foresters were unable to raise a full XI. On their website fixtures section the annotation was abandoned rather than cancelled which is rather disingenuous or am I just being just a touch bitter! 

5 Jun 2019

The Philanderers filled to the brim with Old Perseans for this particular match took first knock and at the end of 20 overs recorded a total of 135 for the loss of 8 wickets. The principle run gatherers were Charlie Pearson 28no & Mihir Chandraker 23.

In reply at the expiry of the 20th over the Staff had reached 127 also for the loss of 8 wickets with Freddie Perkins taking 2/12 whilst the remainde...

21 May 2019

Viewed from Suffolk border country this report is heavily reliant on the scorebook and therefore of necessity brief and sadly devoid of amusing anecdotal asides. However, I am certain that the midweek lads were determined to kick the opening match defeat dirt from their boots in this encounter with our oldest 20/20 opponents Remnants who won the toss and took first knock.

A 2nd wicket partnership o...

5 Aug 2018

High drama at the Hall which began with the Fuhrer having trouble with some rogue Stormtrooper parking attendants. However, they eventually saw sense aided by his closing of the car window, the utterance of a guttural expletive and driving off at high speed - this being 15mph as it is Holkham. Evading any further problems your Leader arrived at the pitch to discover that Captain Sir George Pearson...

1 Jul 2018

Holkham embarking on their inaugural mini tour to Cambridge meant this was our first encounter not played in the shadow of the Hall. Having defeated Grantchester the previous day the Holkham X arrived on a glorious day at Queens’ with hope in their hearts and throbbing heads following a night out on the town. Before the match could get underway there was the matter of evening up the sides. The vis...

6 Apr 2018

The Philanderers Golf Championship

Royal Worlington Golf Club on Friday 6th April

Expertly organised by John Burnett and Rory Davidson 10 members were rounded up to take part in the first official club championship. Various other tournaments had taken place over the years on windswept coastal courses whilst on tour but exorbitant drink taking and tiredness amongst the participants made the results h...

12 Jul 2017

Yet another illiterate Philanderer discovered or maybe the word I am looking for is idle! Anyway your Leader is again forced to comment on a match at which he was not present and sadly not assisted over much by the scorebook which left Eltisley in a badly kept condition. Still that will do as a rant and I will switch to more or less what happened on the evening of 12th July.

It was not recorded who...

21 Jun 2017

Sadly the chosen reporter can apparently neither read nor write thus placing your Leader in the invidious position of having to compile a Match Report despite not being present to view the proceedings. So based entirely on heresay and the scorebook the following is alleged to have taken place.

Winning the toss The Philanderers took first innings in this encounter and seemingly strode imperiously to...

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