Himself: Phil Harvey

President: Alastair Hignell


Playing Member £30

Student Playing Member £15
Vice President £20

Match Fees

£10 (afternoon)

£5 (evening)

Hon Life Members

John Burnett
Alastair Lorimer
Charlie Pelham
Nick Redmayne

Playing Members

Henry Campbell

Ben Cassels

Mihir Chandraker

Gerald Coteman

Nick Cox
Rory Davidson
George Dean
Jack Dillon
Edward Dodson

Nigel Gadsby

Rob Gill
George Hall

Will Hammond

Stuart Harris
Graham Hegarty

John Howe

Finn Karsten

Trevor Lawrence

Alex Lockie

Jonah Munday
Charlie Pearson
Edward Pearson
George Pearson

Freddie Perkins

Tom Picton-Turbervill

David Pimblett

Mel Ragnauth

Jamie Rutt
Tom Sherwin
Ken Siddle

Guy Skinner

Hugo White

Will Wright

Vice Presidents

J P C Bailey Esq

L R Bailey Esq
M W D Beddoe Esq
R Cassels Esq

R Chandraker Esq
A R Clark Esq
Mrs J Coe (Hon)

D Collard Esq (Hon)
R J Golding Esq

R C Hammond Esq

T B Harrison Esq

P A Leary Esq
J D Lees Esq
C R K Marrian Esq

G V Miller Esq
H A L H Mumford Esq

P J Sadler Esq
C R Sale Esq

T R Simmons Esq

I Wright Esq
S J Yorke Esq (Hon)

Pen Portraits

Phil Harvey
Leader of the pack...
John Burnett
From lithe young Kent quickie (shame we never saw that!) to stout productive stock bowler John has never run out of steam. Although when fired up with red bull he runs out of memory (Barnstaple 2010). Already approaching middle age he bowled the club’s 2nd over in the inaugural 1986 season and has subsequently trundled purposefully for 32 years to achieve immortality by taking his 300th wicket in 2017. Bending has become a problem of late but his spirit is unbowed. John is the ultimate clubman.
Ben Cassels
A hard hitting and jovial opening batsmen Benjamin Leonard Rutherford Cassels was at the forefront of the academy revolution from about 2010 onwards. His finest hour surely came after fulfilling his own prediction, made over a lunchtime beer, that he would hit the first ball on tour for six against Thornham in 2014.

Sadly however first runs and then appearances have dried up, and though capable of showing glimpses of his old self, increasingly he resembles a poor man's Rob Gill.
Rory Davidson
One of the first ‘academy’ recruits, Rory was welcomed with open arms thanks to his ability to bowl ‘fast’ and also to run, throw and catch – all attributes severely lacking at the time. Sadly, for him at least, he has now been replaced by younger, fitter recruits which make his bowling look slow and his fielding average. Fortunately, The Fuhrer recognises his contribution to the club and occasionally rewards him with the captaincy, much to the delight of the anti-hammo brigade.
George Dean
With a passion for cricket grossly disproportionate to his ability George is a true stalwart and one of the most enthusiastic and dehydrated young players in the club. He boasts a great many appearances and an impressive tally of wickets. His strange non-turning leggies have claimed many scalps - cleverly putting batsmen at ease via his trademark high full tosses before pouncing. With the bat, he once somehow hit a six over cover at Burrough Green, one of his only ever scoring shots.
Ed Dodson
Ed Dodson is undoubtably the most debonair of all current playing members. His stylish batting on the pitch matched, from the wine bars of Cambridge to the beach bars of Ibiza off it, by his effortless suaveness.

Considered by some to be something of an outsider - after all he falls in the 'awkward' middle age of Philanderers & attended Felsted school - he has emerged as a popular Sunday captain (even if he occasionally leaves games early to retire to the bath or arrives late fresh from Ibiza).
Rob Gill
Rob Gill is quickly rewriting The Philanderers record books, plundering runs at an astonishing rate.
Originally seen as the Clavering Cassels, an entertaining but flawed batsman, Gill has proven a level above that. With devastating bat speed Gill scores at an amazing rate, famously recording a 12 minute 50 at Stiffkey which was also the scene of his finest off field achievement matching Trev drink for drink in the Red Lion and emerging unscathed!
Will Hammond
Former wicket-keeper and captain of Wisden’s schoolboy team of the year Will Hammond is now to be found bowling ineffective medium pace and struggling to assert his authority over a selection of less talented teammates. The apple of The Fuhrers eye, he often captain’s the side and plays a prominent role within the club, despite the protests of other members.
Graham Hegarty
Graham has been under the influence of the Fuhrer for nigh on 50 years firstly with the Old Persean RUFC and now The Philanderers CC. This is bad luck of the worst kind! From swift wing 3/4 he has morphed into a cricketer of the idiosyncratic variety. Nevertheless he features prominently in the appearances, runs and catches lists and will shortly do so with his surprising late developing bowling skills. Graham never misses a tour & is always available to play which is a quality to be cherished.
Trevor Lawrence
The legend of Lawrence of Australia defies the constraints of summary into a mere 500 characters. Appearing like a rare migratory bird the Aussie pro to brighten our summers, and drink all our red wine, every two to three years. On these fleeting visits his love for the game is apparent for all to see, and truly no man more embodies the ethos of The Philanderers, particularly the part about pursuing the spirit of enjoyment off the field of play.
Alastair Lorimer
Club legend topping the aggregate runs chart with 3205 who opened the batting from the early days and sadly retired far too early albeit at the Valley of Rocks. Always convinced of his own slow bowling prowess although no one else was bowling the most expensive over in the club’s history (30) went a significant way to proving. Only Golders catching the final ball over his head on the boundary sadly saved a maximum. Alastair has always enhanced the club and the wine industry by his very presence.
Charlie Pearson
Although it would be hard to tell now Charlie was once the club’s future star. In his 20s he would often be the youngest & most athletic man on the field, however now he has passed thirty it’s not unusual to see him as the oldest, and thanks to his arthritic ankle, least athletic. Whether his permanently dour demeanour is due to passing of time, or the fact he hasn’t held a catch since around 2010, is unknown. To his credit Charlie has amassed over 1200 runs & introduced Jamie Rutt to the club.
Ed Pearson
The original ‘academy’ member, supposedly frog marched onto the field at Kirtling by Sir George to debut at the tender age of 11, Ed is held in universal high regard - despite the fact he averages less than two appearances a season in the twenty years following. Despite gaining a Blue he isn’t even the best player in his family. Renowned for his stylish batting, he astonishingly has three scores of 99 for the club.
George Pearson
George’s batting & bowling stats show him to be one of the most important players in the club’s history. His patented drive over extra cover and outrageous in-swingers have left many humbled. Sadly a lifetime of bowling off the wrong foot has taken its’ toll and he now prefers to stand at first slip applauding the opposition. Always determined that cricket is the winner George is known for walking for his own LBWs and playing with a smile on his face although still with a steely edge.
Nick Redmayne
Young Redmayne was the club’s Statham to Burnett’s Trueman from the start. Always accurate and quick but had enough stamina to twice bowl more than 20 consecutive overs in a match. Sadly body malfunctions of late caused Nick to fall behind JB in the chase for 300 wickets but he’s still way beyond the rest. Career highlights are his club record 8 for 19 at Fenners in 1989 and heading a 6 for the opposition at the Valley of Rocks 20 years later showing a subtle change in ambition! Great clubman.
Jamie Rutt
Jamie was introduced to the club by his good friend Charlie Pearson when completing his economics PhD in Cambridge and in search of some convenient local cricket. Now Jamie still turns out despite his known dislike of many of his teammates (especially Hammond), his ever longer run up yielding ever fewer wickets and there being hundreds of more convenient cricket clubs closer to his home in south London. Got an incredible 7 blues at Association Football which he never shuts up about.
Tom Sherwin
Signed as an exciting youth prospect, Sherwin’s uncanny likeness to cartoon character Abe Simpson looks suggest The Fuhrer was duped by a dodgy passport probably manufactured somewhere in the sub-continent. Though he lacks the stamina his theoretical age implies, he is capable of ‘clearing the ropes’ and ‘bowling rockets’ in short bursts. Famously took the club's second ever hat-trick v Clavering in 2016.
Simon Yorke
Yorkie was a stylish opening batsman and plunderer of runs being 2nd in the all time aggregate list. His all round game & good humour were pivotal for the club until departure for a busy life in London brought about early retirement at the turn of the century. Sadly, Simon’s blackest stain remains as the only Philanderer not to turn up for a game for which he was selected (light drizzle!). Fortunately he was replaced by an energetic lady who happened to be watching. Otherwise an excellent chap!
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Trevor Lawrence

The legend of Lawrence of Australia defies the constraints of summary into a mere 500 characters. Appearing like a rare migratory bird the Aussie pro to brighten our summers, and drink all our red wine, every two to three years. On these fleeting visits his love for the game is apparent for all to see, and truly no man more embodies the ethos of The Philanderers, particularly the part about pursuing the spirit of enjoyment off the field of play.