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Golf Championship Report

The Philanderers Golf Championship

Royal Worlington Golf Club on Friday 6th April

Expertly organised by John Burnett and Rory Davidson 10 members were rounded up to take part in the first official club championship. Various other tournaments had taken place over the years on windswept coastal courses whilst on tour but exorbitant drink taking and tiredness amongst the participants made the results highly questionable. So this tournament has been sanctioned as the inaugural championship.

Sadly your Fuhrer could not be present but is happy to accept the details given to him by the irreproachable Rory. Apparently everyone started their rounds buoyed up with bacon butties rather than fuelled by alcohol although the exact nature of what followed has not been revealed to me. However, whatever did happen between butties and the final hole resulted in young Guy Skinner taking the trophy whilst the slightly more venerable Jeremy Davidson took the runner up spot. George Pearson claimed the wooden spoon by some margin but received compensation by winning the closest to the pin competition. Ed Pearson took the long driving trophy.

An anonymous source informs me that at the completion of the Championship both Pearsons refused to socialise and left immediately. I can only assume that exhaustion clouded their judgement or that an important business meeting took precedence! Otherwise an enjoyable morning’s activity was washed down by lunch in the clubhouse and the general agreement is that this should become an annual event.

Phil Harvey

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