sun 2nd v Cambridge University Crusaders (Fitzwilliam) 11.30am
wed 12th v Remnants (Fitzwilliam) 6.00pm
sun 16th v Chippenham (Chippenham Park) 2.00pm

tues 18th v ARM (Babraham) 6.00pm   
sun 30th v Gentlemen of Essex (Coggeshall) 1.00pm


wed 2nd v Remnants (Fitzwilliam) 6.00pm
sun 6th v Frogs (Fitzwilliam) 1.00pm
tues 8th v St Giles (Babraham) 6.00pm
fri 18th v Perse Staff (Perse) 6.00pm
sun 20th v Flycatchers (Exning Park) 2.00pm
fri 25th v Barford (Fitzwilliam) 6.00pm

sun 27th v Dell Boys (Fitzwilliam) 1.00pm


sun 4th v I Zingari (Exning Park) 11.30am
tues 6th v Camden (Babraham) 6.00pm
sun 18th v Free Foresters (Perse) 11.30am
wed 21st v Swaffham Bulbeck (Queens’) 6.00pm
sun 25th v Incogniti (Perse) 1.00pm
wed 28th v Grantchester (Grantchester) 5.30pm


sun 8th v Nomads (Exning Park) 11.30am

thurs 19th Golf Championship at Royal Worlington 
sun 22nd v Grannies (Exning Park) 2.00pm


sun 5th v Refreshers (Exning Park) 1.00pm

sun 12th v Abington (Gt Abington) 1.00pm
sun 19th v Buccaneers (Exning Park) 12.30pm


sun 31st  Real Tennis Tournament (Newmarket Real Tennis Club)

Holkham Hall

Exning Park

Valley of Rocks

Chippenham Park

2020 Playing Record

Played 10

Won 7   Drawn 1   Lost 1   Abandoned 1

Sunday XI remains undefeated since 28th June, 2015 

comprising 45 matches.