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The club records for 1986 - 2021 may be viewed here by anyone with nothing better to do. Obviously they are the leading records and many worthy chaps and deeds are not recorded through lack of space and my time! Still inclusion in the future gives everyone something to aim for in their declining years. However, individual career statistics can be produced for anyone with sufficient bravado to ask.
Nevertheless a few extra deeds are perhaps worth recording here such as the fact that two girls have appeared for the club and one of which, Miss E Reynolds, was a Dutch International who happened to be passing by whilst we were on tour in Holland in 1998. John ‘Red Bull’ Burnett managed to captain the team at Barnstable in North Devon in 2010 without a single recollection of what had actually taken place.  
The record for consecutive dropped catches belongs to Stuart Olley with a marvellous 7. Alastair Lorimer bowled the most expensive over in club history at Kirtling a long while ago conceding 30 runs from his opening 5 balls and only saved from achieving the maximum 36 by a Richard Golding catch on the boundary itself. Which reminds me that Redders, dozing near the Valley of Rocks boundary in 2008, is the only person ever to head a six for the opposition and in front of Sky TV - sadly camera pointing in wrong direction at the time.  Ed Pearson's 99 not out at Kirtling and denied a century by the umpiring ChooChoo's total lack of any compassion.


Trevor ‘jeez, I’ll have another red’ Lawrence speaking for a couple of hours at the Stiffkey Red Lion in 2015 without uttering a single coherent word. The Fuhrer being felled by a rugby ball at Holkham Hall, mischieviously kicked by an Academician, but maintaining his cigar in fully lit condition whilst crashing to the ground. Leaving Hegarty behind in Mortehoe although he still made it to the Valley of Rocks but unsurprisingly needed cash assistance to pay for the taxi on arrival.
Alastair Lorimer's breathtaking Golden Duck in slow motion at Barnstaple in 2005 and Rob Dean's equally breathtaking departure from the crease at the same venue four years later (it is rumoured that some of the watching children are now out of therapy). Golding’s ability to self harm at any moment in time, Stomper leading the youth astray in the local Cambridge discos, trying to find Utrecht, fighting hypothermia in Thornham, playing in a hurricane at Fitzwilliam and Tom Picton-Turbervill ending a 34 year wait for a reverse swept 6 in 2019. That same year the club toured in France but subsequently it became the mystery tour and no record exists of what may or may not have happened! In 2021 John Burnett achieved his 300th appearance, announced his retirement and promptly had a heart attack but from which it is a relief to report that he has fully recovered. There is much more besides not shown in the statistics but all nevertheless strong contenders for lifetime achievement awards!


John Burnett the high roller

Photo first 100 apps boys.jpg

The boys first to 100 appearances

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