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Perse Staff v The Philanderers, Wednesday 7th June

Arriving at the Perse School on a cool and blustery Wednesday evening, the Philanderers appeared to be a disparate group of individuals. The arrival of the Fuhrer together with our own umpire, John White, and Jane our scorer brought an impression of semi-professionalism to the group and the fact that there were 11 of us, suggested we knew what we were doing.

Personally, I was expecting to see many familiar faces amongst the Perse staff side, having only left the school some 41 years ago, but sadly there were none.

The Philanderers batted first, with Rob Gill showing little respect for the opposition attack. Opening with Paul Leary the total rapidly reached 50 and in the end Rob was forced to retire at his personal 50 after only 7 overs when the total was 68. The rest of the Philanderers innings proceeded at a somewhat slower rate but the middle order was held together by Johnny Goodman (21) and we reached 135 for 8 after our 20 overs. A highlight was Tim Middleton’s dismissal which, to the Fuhrer’s amusement, was his being stumped off the bowling of a lady!

The Perse Staff adopted a more restrained approach at the start of their innings, with very tight bowling from Charlie Pearson and Tim Middleton. Wickets fell, including 3 to Tim Middleton and who further redeemed himself in the eyes of our leader later in the innings by running out the lady who dismissed him, with a direct hit. Although the run rate accelerated, the Philanderers, under the astute leadership of Richard Hesketh, kept matters very much in control, even though the bye-count, with a new young wicket keeper taking the gloves, kept rising throughout the innings. The Perse staff finally reached 112 for 9 from their 20 overs.

A victory by 23 runs and a lot of fun. Bravest performances of the day though go to John White for enduring 40 overs in the middle as Umpire, even though he did take one hand out of his pocket to give yours truly out LBW, and to Jane, who had to endure the whole evening with the Fuhrer sitting next to her.

Jon Bailey

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