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The Golf Championship

The 2020 Golf Championship - Thursday 13th August at Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club

This year's golf championship was another competitive affair. Ten golfers, including former Philanderer Geoff Savage and Kent-based Alan Clark, took to the links.

There was plenty of action off the first tee. John Burnett was appointed honorary starter and made it safely off the first tee but using a ball that looked and sounded alarmingly similar a cricket ball; Rory Davidson hit an impeccable cover drive onto the driving range over the road; whilst Jack Dillon's opening drive was pocketed by Ed Dodson further up the first who just could not believe Jack was capable of hitting it that well.

However, whilst others struggled to knock the rust off their swings, the ever-young Geoff Miller cut a cool and composed figure on the tee. The experienced Gogs member strung together a fine round, compiling an impressive 40 Stableford points to see off challenges from Will Hammond, Rory and even David Pimblett(!), who carded a rare 5-point birdie on the last.

Congratulations to Geoff on his win and many thanks to JB for hosting us at his home course.

Ed Pearson

The champ relaxing with a satisfied demeanour

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