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The Philanderers 2021 Golf Championship, Thursday 19th August at Royal Worlington

Seven Philanderers and one Guest (not eligible to win the Trophy) arrived for an early lunch on one of the few days this year which could be described as “Summer”. Handicaps ranged from 2 to 28 (about as wide a range as possible) and we split up into three groups of two 3-balls and one 2-ball for 18 holes.

The first group off at 12.30 consisted of Bill Rusted (2), James Boxer (2), and Will Hammond (16). They were followed by Ben Cassels (16), Alan Clarke (17), and Jack Rusted (17), with David Pimblett (28) and John Burnett (28) taking up the rear.

Your reporter is unable to comment on individual shots or style of the participants as he was one of the rear-guard of which the best thing that could be said was that we both finished the course and still had most of our balls left! I can report that the “Nearest the Pin” prize on the notorious 5th Hole was won by Bill Rusted, and the Longest Drive on the 3rd Hole by Ben Cassels - demonstrating how much energy you save by driving round the course in a buggy!

The best round, not taking into account the handicaps, was a Gross 75 including 9 Pars and 3 Eagles by Bill Rusted, but only earning 33 Stableford points on handicap.

Tea Time waiting for the Winners to be announced

Left to right: Alan, James (Guest of Will), Will, John, David, Phil, Bill, Jack, Ben's Chair

Photographs courtesy of Ben.

The new Philanderers silver Golf Trophy was won by Will Hammond with 36 Stableford points, just pipping Jack Rusted on 35 points. Bill Rusted was 3rd, Alan Clarke 4th, Ben Cassels and James Boxer tied in 5th place, David Pimblett 7th, and John Burnett 8th.

An enjoyable day’s golf was had by all - even by your exhausted reporter who came last! For those Philanderer golfers who have not been able to play for the Golf Trophy yet, you may be interested in the following article. We look forward to more participants next year.

John Burnett


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